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10 Questions To Ask Universities When You Call For More Information About Their Online Programs

Ask these questions when you contact admissions counselors for more details about the online degree programs in your free report:

1. What, exactly, will my diploma say? Will it indicate anywhere that this program was online? What is the exact name of the degree? Are concentration names listed on the diploma?

2. May I see an example of your online courses?

3. Do my online teachers have regular office hours? What kind of support can I expect from them? Are teachers required to have formal training in online teaching methods?

4. How are courses delivered during the semester? Are there two courses per semester, back-to-back, so that I may focus on one course at a time? What is my study plan? What courses I will complete and when will I take them so that I’m assured the courses I need will be offered when I need to take them?

5. What is the application fee? Is there a required acceptance fee to hold my spot in the class once I've been admitted? What is the total tuition? Programs generally increase tuition on an annual basis, and may not have their most up-to-date information on the website. What are the fees? Programs also add fees to their overall costs that you’ll want to know about.

6. How long should I expect to wait for an admission's decision once my application is complete? (days, weeks, months?)

7. Are scholarships available to students in the online program?

8. Do you have job placement services at the university for students in this program? Where do graduates of your program work?

9. Do you track student participation in courses? How often would you contact me to see how things are going?

10. How do you support and encourage student interactions in the online learning community in your program? How well will I get to know my classmates and my teachers?